Avv. Stefano Meani

Consultant Of Counsel

Italian lawyer expert in international commercial law. He lives and works in Milan in a professional firm specialized in tax and commercial law (www.atax.it).
Avv. Stefano Meani

    Born in Milan on 28.09.1971.

    Stefano is a graduate lawyer with 110/110 at the University of Milan and with over 20 years of experience in legal practice, both in Italy and abroad. He began to work with Professor Vincenzo Mariconda in the field of commercial law, and then specialized in international law alongside lawyer E. Radice and have had a period of professional activity abroad. He therefore gained specific expertise in the field of international law, commercial and real estate, Italian and foreign. He is author of numerous scientific articles, since 1996 he collaborates with the chair of Private Law of the Catholic University of Milan and since 2012 he has been on the list of Experts for the Internationalization (Contracts) of Unioncamere Lombardia.

    Stefano has acquired a deep knowledge of the international dynamics of commercial law and real estate law, having worked both in Miami (Florida) and in Dubai (UAE). In addition to providing out-of-court advice, he has gained extensive experience in the litigation sector, which allows him to know and thus prevent the main problems that arise during complex negotiations, such as those of the international business sector.


    Stefano Meani boasts a large national and international client, made up of both companies and natural persons, which helps with all the problems encountered in Italy and abroad, from negotiation and drafting of contracts to judicial assistance or in-house arbitration in the event of disputes, even complex ones.